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Doepke fejlstrømsrelæ - DFS Audio

Doepke fejlstrømsrelæ kan leveres i både 1 fase (fase og nul) og 3 faset version


1 faset - 7.300,-

3 faset - 10.175,-

  • Worlds first audio/video grade differential switch
  • Combines enhanced safety with sublime audio/video quality
  • Industrial quality; built to last
  • Solid, silver plated connections up to 50 mm2  / 0 AWG
  • Massive OFC internal conductors
  • Large contact areas with high contact pressure
  • No undesired inductive parts incorporated
  • Anti spark capacitors over all contacts
  • Type F: also acts on other than 50 Hz currents
    and on other than sinusoidal wave shapes
  • Available as a single phase and a three phase unit
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Nominal current 40 / 63 A
  • Differential current switch-off 30 mA
  • Weight 300 / 440 gram
  • Sizes 36x85x76 / 72x85x76 mm

For sure, the safest and best audio/video quality

Any audio/video set only performs best with the highest mains power quality. After all, this is the supply for your entire audio/video system. Each chain is as strong as its weakest link. Nowadays, audio grade mains spurs and audio grade fuse holders are quite common in the meter cupboard, however, the bottleneck still exists: your "standard" differential switch (also called Residual Current Circuit Breaker - RCCB).

The German based company Doepke introduces a version specifically designed for the most demanding audio/video enthusiasts who only settle for the very best. This differential switch has been designed by an employee of Doepke, who is a passionate audiophile too. In his spare time, he's worked for many years on this product, until it fully met his own standards: the highest possible audio- and video quality. In addition, this differential switch offers enhanced safety: even with deviating wave forms (as often introduced by switch mode power supplies) it switches off reliably, without affecting audio/video quality in any way.

Differential switches are obligatory in all home electricity systems. As opposed to a fuse (for instance the Cylindric Fuse Cartridge), which is meant to prevent a fire in case of a short circuit, the main function of a differential switch is to protect against electrocution. A differential switch compares the in- and outgoing currents through live and neutral, the sum of these has to be zero. The only disturbance possible in this balance is, when a certain current flows to earth. If this current flows through the body of a human being, this can be life threatening. This is where the differential switch kicks in and disconnects the circuit from the mains if this current is over 30 mA.

Audio/video enthusiasts sometimes tend to bypass their differential switch, this is, however, illegal and highly unsafe. Insurance companies will not pay if they notice this has been done. We strongly discourage doing so. The best thing is, you don't need to anymore with the introduction of the Doepke DFS differential switch.

One might perceive the Doepke DFS as a luxury version of the standard differential switch which only uses better materials. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Doepke DFS is the result of solid engineering which really eliminates the detrimental effects of the standard switch. For instance, a standard switch uses coils with many windings which add an inductive reactance to the circuit. The Doepke DFS uses just a straight feed through wire in conjunction with an amplifier to ensure sensitivity. Moreover, premium materials and contacts ensure that the Ohmic resistance is negligible.

Soundwise, you will hear more dynamics and details. As a matter of fact, all audiophile and videophile aspects will improve.

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