Icon Audio PS3 mk. II mm+mc - SOLGT

Icon Audio PS3 mk. II mm+mc - vejl pris 25.985 - SOLGT

Velholdt, står som ny, original emballage og manual

Er forsynet med russiske NOS rør.


•  Built in volume control, will drive most power amps
•  Max output 50 volts for massive headroom.
•  Two turntable inputs 1xMM 1xMC/MM
•  Signal to noise ratio -88db MM unweighted
•  Stereo/mono switch for better S/N and distortion from mono and worn stereo records
•  Valve rectified power supply
•  Valve regulated power supply
•  Twin Choke for exceptional smoothing
•  Separate Power supply for lower noise
•  Comprehensive manual supplied with tube change info
•  All hand wired point to point
•  No printed circuit board to ‘colour’ sound
•  Japanese Blue ALPS volume pot.
•  All Triode valves
•  4x ECC88 1x 6SN7 (pre-amp)
•  1x EZ80 1x ECC83 1x 5687 (power supply)
•  Sensitivity: 3mv for 1.26v output (0.3mv MC)@
•  Gain MM 53db MC 72db
•  Load: imp: 47k MM, 100 ohms MC
•  Output source impedance 50 ohms
•  RIAA Freq response 20hz-20khz +0 – 0.5db
•  NO feedback used, Passive RIAA
•  Low noise oversized 2w metal film resistors
•  Blue LED mains indicator
•  Polypropylene audio capacitors
•  Silver PTFE audio cable
•  DC supply for valve heaters
•  Heater circuit floated to minimise heater-cathode noise
•  Polished stainless steel chassis
•  6mm solid alloy front & rear plates
•  Gold plated Input terminals
•  230/240volts (also 120v), 50watts 1.5A fuse
•  Size both units: 148mm W, 165mm H, 342mm D (allow
for connections). Only minimal ventilation required.
•  Weight PSU 7kg Pre-amplifier 4kg
•  For Shipping 45cm x 48cm x 29cm 14kg (gross packed)
•  C E compliant. Conforms to ROHS and WEEE
(Specifications subject to change, errors & omissions excepted August 2011)

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