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The Response D38 has successfully been in production for nearly 8 years, but with new cone technology now available to ProAc, the decision was made to upgrade this model and hence the new Response D40R was born.

We now produce our own drive unit cones and, in particular, the carbon fibre cones utilised in the bass drivers of our Carbon Pro series of ultimate loudspeakers. These drivers produce the incredibly tuneful and powerful bass qualities associated with the CP6 and CP8 and the special carbon fibre technology has been further developed in order to produce a cone that will effectively cover both the bass and also the midrange frequencies of the D40.

We are confident this special manufacturing process will make for a rewarding listening experience. The new carbon fibre cone is made from an ultra fine weave of high purity carbon fibre cloth; each thread of the weave is made from 1000 strands of carbon fibre, thus giving both strength and weight to the cone in order to increase the frequency response into the midrange.

The new D40R now utilises two 6.5" carbon fibre full range units achieving a powerful and extended bass response. The new equalised vent was designed, using two billet aluminium rods between the cabinet and plinth which together with the drive unit frames are shaped and coated in a non-resonant material.
Although slightly smaller than the D38, the D40 has a more extended and potent bass response, amazingly detailed midrange and a sweet and extended high frequency response. The huge sound stage is bettered only by the Carbon Pro and new K series.

D40R er forsynet med ProAc's nye ribbon tweeter.

Nominel impedans: 4 ohm
Frekvensgang: 20 - 30.000 Hz
Følsomhed: 90 dB liniær (1 watt i 1 meter)
Enheder: 2 x 165 mm (6½") bas med kulfiber vævet membran og støbt chassis
Diskant er ProAc's ribbon enhed, membran vejer mindre end et menneske hår og alu frontplade
Delefilter: ProAc  med de bedste komponenter
Kabling internt: Oxygen frit kobber med mulighed for bi-wiring og bi-amping
Dimension: H x B x D: 1200 x 212 x 340 mm
Vægt: 40 kg

Pris :
kr. 45.000,00