Ortofon LW6N - litzetråd sæt

Ortofon LW6N - litzetråd sæt a 4 stk.

Ortofon LW-6N  headshell leadwires

LW-6N is the 6N lead wire made of Ultra High Purity Copper wire.
The configuration is very sofisticated with different diameter of wire strand, the inside strand is right windings, the outside strand is left winding. The end of wire is fastened by gold plated terminal.
The tight winding against each other makes the clear transmission of music signals. Clear and crisp tonality.

Technical data
High purity Cu wire 6NCu: 7 x φ 0.18mm (Right strands)
High purity Cu wire 6NCu: 17 x φ 0.10mm (Left strands)

Pris :
kr. 439,00