Ortofon LW800s - Litzetråd sæt

Ortofon LW800s - Litzetråd sæt a 4 stk.

Ortofon LW-800S headshell leadwires
LW-800S is the most sophisticated lead wires composed of Pure Silver and Silver coated wire.
The end of wire is fastened by Rhodium plated terminal.
Since Silver has the best electrical conductive properties of all the metals, the LW-800S silver wire is able to transmits the very clear high tone signals, which brings the brilliant tonality to the sound reproduction.

Technical data
4N Pure Silver wire: 3 x φ 0.26mm
Silver plated Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wire: 16 x φ0.10mm

Pris :
kr. 899,00