Ultrasonic cleaner kit

Ultrasonic cleaner kit

This is the best , very simple and reliable way how to clean records with ultrasonics. If something goes wrong with ultrasonic cleaner it can be easy fix by local dealer.

The RD  kit  comprises of  frame with motor , supporting legs, spindle for holding records, record spacers, a clamp for fixing records on the spindle and a stand for drying records. Most parts are made from stainless steel.  In the kit small bottles of isoproply alcohol and wetting agent are also included as well  as a  carbon fibre cleaning  brush and DC power supply for motor.  Kit assembly requires only 20 minutes and a meduim size Philips screwdriver.  RD kit is available since December 2014.

Read about RD kit in  brochure and instruction manual.  

Since 2015 there is  revisited instruction manual. 

See suggested list of ultrasonic cleaners. This list will be updated and please check suppliers for correct technical data. 

Suggested weeting agent-liquid- look  under brochures!

Pris :
kr. 9.000,00