Magnepan 0.7

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Magnepan 0.7


The .7 — High-End Audio where space is at a premium

An in-house favorite at Magnepan, the .7 model is the go-to speaker for those who are looking for world class sound at a reasonable price.

"Within minutes, I realized that the Magnepan .7 could image with the best speakers ever, and were going to take my music listening somewhere it had never quite been before."

"Whenever there is something fundamentally correct in a designers approach, the chances become extra good that the products of his or her efforts will reveal to a wide range of listeners fundamental musical truths.  And for me, the best thing about musical truths is that they never change or go out of fashion."  Herb Reichert, Stereophile magazine, Vol. 38, No. 8


Magnepan .7 - audiophiliac speaker of the year

Magnepan .7 - the absolute sound

Magnepan .7 - stereophile


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