Magnepan 2.7i

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Magnepan 2.7i


The MG2.7i’s are a pair of 3-way, full-range, Magneplanar loudspeakers. Both the Bass and Midrange sections are comprised of aluminum foil. Often referred to as “quasi-ribbon,” the foil is adhered to the Mylar diaphragm which is visible through the front of the fabric cover. The True Ribbon Tweeter is also comprised of aluminum foil however it is not mounted to a substrate but rather suspended freely. The MG2.7i’s reproduce sound by introducing an AC signal to: the conductor foil on the diaphragm which reacts to the fixed array of magnet strips mounted behind the Mylar; and the tweeter foil which reacts to the magnet channels on either side of it. This reaction vibrates the diaphragm/foil projecting sound as a dipole, both forward and backward.


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