Mørch DP-8

Mørch DP-8

Mørch DP-8 er en videre udvikling af DP-6 med justerbar VTA on-the-fly.

Mørch's fremragende system gør skift mellem dine favorit pick-up'er til en leg, du har det helt rigtige armrør med den helt rigtige tonearms effektive egenvægt der passer med pick-up'ens complience.

Test i 10 Audio 

Technical Specifications:

Technical specifications: Mørch DP-8 / DP-6 / UP-4

Construction:  Radial arm with interchangeable arm tubes. 
Bearing principle:  DP-6 and DP-8: Dual bearing
                            UP-4: Unipivot. 
Effective mass of complete tonearm with arm tube: All arm tubes can be used with all models.
Light (green): 4g
Medium (red): 6g
Heavy (yellow): 8g
Extra heavy (blue): 14g 

Fundamental resonance (depending on arm tube):  8 - 16 Hz (for DP-8 N/A for the horizontal mode of motion)
Tracking force (when using calibrated scale):  0 - 3 g 
Bias compensation:  Watch spring with string - adjustable while playing. 
Azimuth:  Azimuth is adjustable for correct channel separation. 
Cueing mechanism:  Piston in U-pipe, damped with silicone fluid. 
Distance between pivot and center of turnable platter:  212 mm (8 5/16") or 294.1 mm (11 9/16") 
Diameter of hole for mounting arm base:  20 mm (13/16") 
Rear overhang from pivot:  70 mm (2 3/4") 
Effective length:  230 mm (9 1/16") 
Offset angle:  24 degrees. 
Lateral tracking error:  0 degrees at 66 mm and 120.9 mm from center of record. 
Pivot point:  Pivot point is in level with the record surface. 
Bearing Friction:  Bearing friction less than 0.04 mN in all directions. 
Balancing:  Four (4) different balancing weights. 
Internal wiring:  19 strands of ultra pure silver insulated with Teflon. 
Capacitance per channel:  28pF for all models. 
Tonearm Cord:  Balanced. Extremely purified copper strands that are heavily silver coated. Halogen free insulation.
 Moerch tonearm connector with Cardas RCA connectors.
 Capacitance per channel: 100pF.
 Terminals:   All terminals throughout the arm are gold plated. 
Bearing concept of model DP-6 and DP-8:  One internally damped, precision ball-bearing assembly for the horizontal plane of motion. Two pivoted sapphire bearings for the vertical mode of motion which can be damped also, if desired, and then adjusted to different levels of damping. 
Bearing concept of model UP-4:  Hardened steel pivot resting on a concave sapphire, and damped for all motions with silicone fluid. 
DP-6 and DP-8 finish:  24 carat GOLD or CHROME. 
UP-4 finish:  CHROME or at special order GOLD. 

The right to change specifications without notice is reserved by the Manufacturer.


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