Resolution mk. III

Resolution MK3 Turntable

"In fact, this arm-table combo is one of the finest performers I've heard at any price....But regardless of price, this is one of the truly special products I've reviewed in the past 18 years." Full Review  -  Editor, Michael Fremer, Stereophile

"What I heard was one of the best British decks around. Don't let your vinyl miss out on this gem.. ." - Editor, Alan Sircom, Hi Fi+  (Product of the Year Award)

"Improved harmonics and tonality were obvious almost right out of the gate. The ambiance that filled my dining room caused an immediate stir of emotions.... the enhanced tonal shadings produced by this combo made me sit up and pay close attention immediately. The pace, rhythm and timing (PRaT) were stunningly present ....You could have knocked me over with a feather." Editor, Clement Perry, Stereo Times - Full Review - (Most Wanted Component of the Year Award)

The MK3 Resolution turntable is loved for its sound quality and elegance. The re-creation of an original musical performance needs great dynamics, transient speed, definition and tonal accuracy. Definition and tonal accuracy are especially important for great imaging capability. The Resolution's ability to display these in exemplary fashion, among a multitude of other musical attributes, is what separates it from so many others.

In addition to this, deep bass, superb transparency and tangible sound staging are all in it's DNA. These keep you listening to your record collection without loss of interest well into the future.

Compatibility with any hi-fi system is assured by the deck’s natural presentation of music.

Superiority to lower decks in the range is delivered through extensive decoupling of main bearing and armboard, along with a number of other detailed upgrades including a higher grade of motor.

In summary this deck brings vinyl reproduction close to the ultimate in performance and style available today.

Options include a 12 inch arm mount, or dual armboard which can be ordered using the option button below.

You may be asking yourself whether the differences between turntables are really that significant, and also wondering how much you should invest in a good front end. To make an informed choice on how a better deck will dramatically improve your system performance, please see What makes a  better deck? This also reveals the story behind our cutting edge performance and introduces many aspects that apply to all our decks, saving repetition that would otherwise occur on every turntable page.

Quick Overview

Arm Mount - The deck includes an arm mounting to fit all Origin Live 240mm (9.5") arms. For full details on other arms that will fit please see link "What arms fit ".  A mounting option to fit 12" arms is also available in the order options, but this is not in addition - it is an "either" "or" choice. You can change over to a 12" option at a later date but there is a considerable saving if you order it with the deck in the first place.

Unique Styling
The Resolution's unmistakable profile and black polished finish makes it an eye catching asset for any decor.

High Grade Parts
- Highest bearing quality in terms of low friction and high tolerances
- High inertia massive arm board - advantageous to resist rotational and vertical modes of vibration
- High specification sub-chassis with increased decoupling of main bearing from lower decks in the range
- Top specification power supply (excluding the upgrade transformer which may be added as an option.

Power Supply
The regulated power supply feeding the motor is load compensating and stable across a wide range of temperatures. Speed control is switched electronically between 33rpm and 45 rpm.

Setting Up
There is nothing to go "out of tune" on the Resolution. The deck is a non suspended design which is extremely simple to set up and fuss free. VTA arm adjustment is easy due to open access under the armboard.

450mm wide, 380mm deep, 150mm height. 
Weight is 14.2kg

Pris :
kr. 28.500,00