The Voyager turntable is the culmination of over 25 years spent researching the art of turntable design. It's awsome performance derives from many tried and tested techniques along with some very innovative ideas. This is nothing less than you would expect from our long experience and track record of controlling micro-vibration.

The Voyager is also available in an “S” version where no expense is spared. Higher quality materials and expensive machining is necessitated along with hand finished parts to meticulous tolerances. Every possible care has been taken with the usual conscientiousness of Origin Live, to produce an utterly exceptional performer.

You may be asking yourself whether the differences between turntables are really that significant, and also wondering how much you should invest in a good front end. To make an informed choice on how a better deck will dramatically improve your system performance, please see What makes a deck better?. This also reveals the story behind our cutting edge performance and introduces many aspects that apply to all our decks, saving repetition that would otherwise occur on every turntable page.

Build philosophy and construction

Great attention has been devoted to the design of the platter and bearing assembly. The concept is, to transmit energy quickly away from the record, and at the same time prevent vibration from the motor, the bearing, and the environment, entering the record. This sounds simple but is very hard to achieve in practice.

The Voyager platter uses intricate (and little understood) mechanisms to create the equivalent of mechanical diodes. For non electrical readers, a diode allows electrical energy to flow only forwards but not backwards. Standard heavyweight platters are abysmal in achiving this requirement as they tend to reflect the vibration of the record (produced by the cartridge), straight back into the record. Felt mats only tend to transmit only certain frequencies which results in timing problems as well as other issues.

The Voyager uses a multi part platter designed to transmit energy without the reflection problems encountered by many heavyweight platter designs. The energy is handled by a series of shock absorption mechanisms that are born out of our long experience in controlling micro shock waves. Key components are made from well specified alloys to achieve high speed energy transmission and low "ringing" effects. Material compostion, profiling and the right damping methods are most critical to accomplish this.

The Bearing in the standard Voyager is achieves extremely low levels of friction and vibration. Features include, a high precision, large diameter spindle for rigidity, special oil and a high mass bearing house.

Drive is via a motor renowned for it's superiority and our upgrade belt that is now widely recognised as an advance over normal belts, threads, tapes etc.

The Plinth is constructed from high grade alloy and carefully machined and damped to reduce ringing effects.

The deck is capable of taking up to 3 tonearms at a time and will accept 9 to 12 inch arms. Armboards are easily changed and adjusted.

This design has resulted in a deck with astonishing speed, clarity and accurate tonal balance. It will spoil you for other decks.

Quick Overview

Origin Live introduces the new Voyager turntable.

This is the culmination of over 20 years spent researching the art of turntable design. The Voyager employs many tried and tested techniques along with some very innovative new ideas.

Please note there can be up to a 2 month wait for orders on the Voyager turntable.

Pris :
kr. 133.500,00