Enterprise - C

Unbelievable performance

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" Music like we’ve never heard coming from a turntable: Incredibly dynamic, intimate and direct, yet with an ultimately fine resolution. One could fill pages with listening examples, but the superlatives would merely repeat: none of the records we were listening to had ever been heard like this before. And never before had our digital  reference, the venerable Linn Klimax DSM, looked so pale by contrast: when even a Klimax can’t win a single trick, then digital won’t make it at all. Not  only does the TR come closer to reality than previous turntables – with vinyl it  creates a musical parallel universe."

"Overall, this is a superb pick up arm with a grippingly musical sound and lovely rhythmic ability. It has wonderful tonal shading (an SME SeriesV sounds monochrome, by comparison) and deep soundstaging with masses of detail .......overall it's an exceptional performer — one which offers a brilliant mix of tonality and rhythmic grip."

-Hi Fi World Excerpts  Read Full Review

"Improved harmonics and tonality were obvious almost right out of the gate. The ambiance that filled my dining room caused an immediate stir of emotions.... the enhanced tonal shadings produced by this combo made me sit up and pay close attention immediately. The pace, rhythm and timing (PRaT) were stunningly present ....You could have knocked me over with a feather." Editor Stereo Times - Full Review - (Product of the Year Award)

 "I suppose, you could say you are just so bowled over by the music, that the rest is simply "in the noise level". But it's weird - THIS is the absolute sound, or what the records are supposed to be communicating, and suddenly, it's completely natural and easy to listen to."

-Bari, Owner Comments  Read Full Review


It is now possible to achieve a level of performance that at least one reviewer did not think was possible from a tonearm (and he had one of the best arms in the world). Packed with radical new thinking and technology, the Enterprise-C significantly elevates toneram performance to undreamed of levels.

The immediate impression of sheer speed and realism approaches that of live music. Bass tightness and depth are a revelation that will expose your records in a totaly new light. The reviews elaborate on how this arm is capable of everything you could ever want from this most rewarding of items in the replay chain.

Many people wonder how much to invest in a tonearm. Choosing the right arm for your needs is directly related to it's ranking in system hierarchy. To understand how improving your tonearm will dramatically improve performance please see our “analysis of leading arms” page. This also reveals the story behind our cutting edge performance and many of the aspects embodied in all our arms, saving repetition on every tonearm page.


Hybrid arm tube comprising 6 materials - This improves on the Conqueror tube through improved energy dissapation and rigidity. Increased transparency, dynamics and bass performance are the result.

Low friction, completely stable dual pivot bearing design for vertical movement. 2 Single tungsten carbide points rest in hardened cups, to mimic gimbal bearing stability but with much lower friction. Dual pivot explained. This results in vastly increased clarity and sweet, precise treble, free from smearing.

Floating vertical bearings - highly specified, low friction bearings, decouple the yoke assembly and prevents the deck adding colour to the sound.

Sophisticated Yoke decoupling The Enterprise incorporates several additional layers of isolation from the vertical bearings - this yields extremely low levels of coloration and greater clarity.

High strength aircraft alloy headshell for increased dynamics.

Internal Linear flow 2 cable for very low signal loss and improvements to every aspect of the music

External Linear Flow 2 arm cable, fully balanced with 95% shield - Up with the very best of expensive external cables and yielding the same improvements as the internal linear flow 2 cable.

High conductivity plugs, among the best available, providing a precise, tight electrical connection that ensures no signal degradation.

Specialy selected materials used throughout.


Additional de-coupling of the yoke is achieved via a turret plate system.


Inbuilt VTA height adjustment.


Azimuth adjustment.



Pris :
kr. 46.000,00