Ortofon AS-309R - 12"

Kan bestilles

A prime example of how Danish design philosophy and Japanese craftsmanship can produce a truly exceptional product


Since 1953, Ortofon has been designing tonearms with the philosophy of combining craftsmanship and technology.

All parts and every component of the tonearms have been upgraded with material meticulously chosen to minimize unwanted vibration and distortion, ensuring crisp clear, and accurate sound. Careful attention to precision and durability of every part and assembly in both models ensures lasting durability for years to come.

The AS-309R is a 12 inch tonearm.

Unmatched quality and performance

Precision engineering
and hand assembly

With over 130 redesigned components the Reference tonearms are crafted with unparalleled mechanical precision and advanced engineering.

Our skilled artisans meticulously hand assemble, adjust, and review every component of each tonearm, ensuring unmatched quality and performance. This meticulous artisanship optimizes every aspect of the tonearm, capturing the subtle nuances of your music like never before.


  • Cartridge weight: 18 to 26 g./26 to 38 g. (standard weight, including shell/heavy weight, including shell)
  • Mounting distance: 311 mm
  • Effective length: 323,5 mm
  • Overhang: 12.5mm
  • Offset angle: 16.75
  • Arm shaft diameter: 18 mm
  • Recommended arm shaft hole diameter: 22mm
  • Tonearm weight: 680g/730 g. standard weight/heavy weight
  • Height above mounting surface: 59 – 79 mm (up to top of the tonearm)
  • Counterweight radial clearance: 85 mm for standard weight; 93mm for heavy weight (measured from pivot point)
  • Distance from the mounting surface to the top of the platter: 20 – 48 mm.
  • Effective arm mass: 11 g.
Pris :
kr. 23.499,00