MusicMaker III

Cartridge Man's egen "short cut" mellem MM og MC tager udgangspunkt i en Grado motor med egen nålefane og diamant slibning.

Resultatet er intet mindre end fantastisk.


The Music Maker III now in its latest and best guise, is a truly beguiling Cartridge. As a moving Iron Cartridge it has none of the draw backs of low output moving coils, and yet offers the listener the chance to experience music in a truly sublime way. No wonder some reviewers have described this as one of the best pick up cartridges available, period. 

Available to order this cartridge will astonish the user. As explained the tracking force is critical. too heavy and it becomes laboured in its midband and boomey in the bass. Too light and it sharpens the music. Set it at its' sweet spot 1.58g, and you will understand why a man of Leonard Gregory's experience has the audacity to call a product "The Music Maker" you have been warned.

Stereotimes Most Wanted Cartridge 2005. Yup the all new Music Maker MkIII builds on the reputation of its forebears and wins the prestigious Stereotimes Most Wanted Cartridge 2005. Who are we to argue, with more and more users of exotic MC's turning to this high output cartridge we can only applaud their wisdom.

"Listening to the MusicMaker was a continual joy of both aesthetic satisfaction and delight in discovering new perception of musical nuance and detail. It was as if one had just inadvertantly overlooked some newly revealed aspect of performance, rather than the cartridge shouting that one pay attention to its sonic skills" Paul Szabady StereoTimes

"The Music Maker's bass articulation is a true strength. Another is the line contact stylus. It lays claim to having the longest area of groove contact in the stylus world. What this means is not just incredible tracking abilities but also an infilling of the smallest dynamic and rhythmic cues, a stable and vast soundstage (equal to that of the Allaerts) and the ability to render the really tough instruments -- female vocal, piano, cymbals -- deftly and with silken authority.." 6 Moons

"And now my system has a new "reference" for others to beat. The Hadcock with either the Music Maker or the XX-2 cleans up the bottom end of the Orbe and just makes music so much fun, so that the SME has to take third place. That my two favourite arms are unipivots is significant, I'm not saying that a unipivot is a guarantee of quality (I didn't much like the Kuzma), but those "flat earthers" that have been banging on about them for the last 20 years obviously have something going for them.." TNT-Audio Music

Technical Specification
Output voltage                  4mV
Frequency response           10Hz - 50KHz
Stereo separation              >25dB across 10Hz to 30KHz range 
Loading requirement           47K Ohm (standard moving magnet)
Cartridge weight                6.2g
Stylus type                       proprietary extended contact area diamond
Tracking force                   1.58g +/- 0.05g (critical) 
Arm requirement                medium to low mass (13g or less) 
Bias (anti-skate)               requirements minimal

Review Extracts

" ... the extreme harmonics of the treble were brought out with a crispness that came as a shock next to the harshness of many other cartridges. Record after record succumbed to the treatment of the aptly named 'MusicMaker'.

It was easy to subconsciously compare the unit's performance favourably with (MC) cartridges selling at far higher cost ...

Many MCs do not manage anything like the MusicMaker's (Mk II) 30Cu figure nor do they give anything like its 4mV @ 5Cm/S.

It has a sheer listenablity that few competitors combine in the same small body, and that sounds like a bargain at any price."

World Verdict ****
Richard White, HiFi World
, 2/99, P53

"... in fact, on all grounds the Mk III is a better cartridge than the Mk II. In particular, we gain greater clarity, lower noise floor level, faster dynamics and a better sense of space. It is really an excellent cartridge"

E. Barker,

"The first thing you notice is the solidity and presence it has compared to almost all MC cartridges. There's a sense of unstoppable momentum to music...

For anyone using a valve pre-amp like a Conrad-Johnson or early ARC, this cartridge is manna from heaven.
Being used to hearing vastly expensive MCs in a system tailored to their balance, the MusicMaker never left me feeling short-changed. ... never was a product so aptly named; never was an alternative so welcome."

Roy Gregory,
Hi-Fi+, 5/00, P52-53

" Good price, high output and a winning musicality make this moving iron cartridge the one to beat."

Hi-Fi World buying guide

' ... the MusicMaker will, in its latest guise, stands toe-to-toe with coils at anything up to three times its price.'

Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, 7/01, P98-99

" The MusicMaker (Mk II) is an extremely interesting product; it links the best of both (MM and MC) worlds together; it is clean, accurate and detailed like a good MC while it has the warmth and the "weight" of the best MM's.

In the end, the quality/price ratio of this cartridge is simply excellent. Only real Music Lovers apply."

Lucio Cadeddu, TNT AUDIO

"This (MusicMaker Mk II) cartridge, when fitted to the Recovery/RB900, beats the more expensive Orbe/SME/Dynavector DRT-1 (£2500, MC) combination ..."

Geoff Husband, TNT AUDIO

Pris :
kr. 9.500,00