Fantastiske pick-up's produceret i Japan af Yasuo Ozawa.

Shelter har været tilgængelig i Danmark i flere år med egen import, men nu gennem et nyt samarbejde til en meget attraktiv pris.

Shelter, the Japanese company founded in 1986 and specialized in the field of analog audio, manufactures high-end phono cartridges. All the cartridges are made in a traditional way, by hand, in a workshop in Japan, and then inspected and approved by the master Yasuo Ozawa himself, Shelter’s founder and designer. The name of Shelter was chosen in the hope that fans of analogue sound reproduction, aiming for the best musicality, can trust the brand that offers them a kind of refuge, a Shelter.

Shelter phono cartridges and step-up transformers are designed by Mr. Ozawa, a former employee of Fidelity Research. For those who don’t know, this company flourished during the 70s and 80s, designing tonearms and cartridges that reached a worldwide fame. Yasuo Ozawa, having gained experience in the design of phono cartridges, left the company in 1986 to found Shelter. He insists that a phono cartridge is not a mechanical part to use for reproducing music, but also a real musical instrument.
Meticulously made by hand with love, Shelter cartridges are so precise, that every nuance, every difficult passage of music are faithfully reproduced, with a degree of musicality unequaled in the world of audio. After more than 30 years of passion and paying attention to the smallest details, Shelter has risen to the top of perfection. The phono cartridges of the brand owe their reputation to their construction and their perfect precision performance. For a long time reserved only for the Japanese market, they are still available in “Denmark” for you, your customers, and vinyl lovers!

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