T10 - step-up trafo for MC pu

Pure Sound T10

Step-up trafo for MC pu i meget høj lydkvalitet og samtidig lav pris.

T10 er step-up trafo for MC pick-up, step-up er 1:15

Pure Sound T10 MC step-up trafo vejl. 2995,-


The T10 mc transformer is now available.  It has been our experience that the best results are achieved when using moving coil cartridges loaded via a correctly matched transformer. The T10 contains two wide bandwidth, custom manufactured transformers with MuMetal cores. The transformers have a step up ratio of 1:36 switchable to 1:18 and therefore allow for the adjustment of cartridge loading between 36 and 144 ohms.


T10 internt


Pris :
kr. 2.900,00