300B - T mk.II par

Psvane 300B-TII Serie Silver Bottle Matched Pair

The PSVANE 300B-TII MarkII -Serie get shipped as factory matched pair 

High Polymer Compound Carbon (HPCC) coating is for the first time used on vacuum tube production. 

Compared to traditional carbon spray technology, HPCC coating will allow greater concentration of electrons, 
enhance and maintain stability of the electron flow, maximize "secondary electron emission surpression" from the glass enclosure, 
in turn reduce effects of electron swirl which generates internal noises from the vacuum tube itself. 

All Psvane tubes get retested at the European distibutor to ensure the perfect quality even after the long trip from factory to us.

the NEW Psvane MKII T-Series:
Carbon coating inside the glass envelope for better heat dissipation and stability of electron tube performance.

Teflon Base with Oxidized Aluminum Collar:
The MKII series tubes use exquisite Teflon material for the base to improve on low conductivity and stability. The amber color oxidized aluminum collar around the Teflon base is will avoid corrosion as well as finger prints to maintain a prestige appearance.

Psvane logo and serial number
The Psvane logo and serial number are engraved on the base: The Psvane MKII series have its logo and serial number engraved in the tube base facing all in same direction. No print on the glass does disturb the appearance of the beautiful shaped glass envelope.

Glass Quality:
A higher quality glass is used for the MKII series to increase the reliability and stability which does slightly increase the total weight of each tube.

Sound Quality: 
The MKII series offers superb sound quality. The new coating materials offer an even better music presentation. Even compared to the great sounding Mark I T-Series you will experience slight 3D imaging improvement, layering and clarity.
Pris :
kr. 3.775,00