WE212 Replica - enkelt rør

Psvane WE212 Replica (sinlge), in exclusive gift box

Psvane WE212 has exactly the same electronic specification as the original Western Electric WE212. 
a timeless beauty in perfect build quality for years of your audio performance

The WE212 is the superlative in several aspects: 
- the most complex in manufacturing
- the most expensive audio tube made today
- the most sophisticated listening experience


dimensions: 340mm high, diameter 92mm

Uf 14V 
If 6A

Static Parameter
Ua 1500V 
-Ug 57V 
Ia 170mA 
u 16 
RI 1.9K 
S 8.5mA/V

Maximum Ratings 
Max.direct plate voltage 3000V
Max.direct plate current 350mA
Max.plate dissipation 140W
Max.direct grid current 75mA
Max.plate voltage for frequencies between 1.5Mc 1000V

Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
Grid to plate 18.8pF 
Grid to filament 14.9pF 
Plate to filament 8.6pF

Class A Audio Amplifler or Modulator
Direct plate voltage 1500V 1250V
Grid bias - 57V -40V
Direct plate current 170mA 200mA
Plate dissipation 140W 140W
Load impedance 5000O 3000O
Undistorted output 35W 30W

Grid Bias Modulator
Direct plate voltage 3000V
Grid bias -260V
Plate dissipation 100W
Load impedance 8000O
Pead power output 120W
Pris :
kr. 10.350,00