WR2A3 Xtreme Classic par

Psvane WR2A3 Xtreme Classic Series, Matched Pair in exclusive gift boxes

The PSVANE Xtreme Classic WR-2A3 get shipped as factory matched pair 
a timeless beauty in perfect build quality for years of your audio performance

Psvane WR2A3: a whole new substitute for 2A3, the world's first hybrid of WE300B and RCA single plate 2A3: 

The WR2A3 tube is a whole new creationit is not a replica of any tubes existed in the history before. WR2A3 was created to combine the bottle shape, structure and materials of Western Electric 300B with the electrical specification of RCA single plate 2A3 to get the best of both worlds. The end result isa silky, open and extended top frequency that has never be available with any 2A3 tubes before.


If.... 2.5A

Static Parameter
-Ug -45V 
Gm.....5.25 mA/V 
u 4.2 

Maximum Rating 

Direct Interelectrode Capacitances 
Grid to plate ......12pF 
Grid to filament 6.8pF 
Plate to filament3.2pF
Pris :
kr. 3.970,00