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Trichrord Research - Dino mk. 3

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Kan leveres som blot RIAA delen med tilhørende trafo.

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Dino + ekstern større bedre reguleret strømforsyning

NCPSU (Never Connected PSU) avanceret ekstern strømforsyning, der virker som om elnettet er frakoblet (eller kører på batteri)

HP interconnect kabel

This is a complete re-design of the Dino phono Stage.

Improved looks

Improved sound

  • Fully compatible with all Trichord power supplies
  • Noise levels reduced by 4.5dB
  • High quality PTFE gold plated phono connectors on rear panel
  • Re-designed circuit board with improved ground layout
  • New analogue output stage using OPA827 op amps greatly improve sound quality
  • Compatible with MM and MC cartridges
  • Gain and cartridge loading adjustable by easily accessible DIP switches

The Dino Mk3 is a high performance phono amplifier which at an affordable price gives you tremendous value.

Designed for transparency and realism, this superb sounding amplifier is based on the fore-running Dino Mk1 and Dino Mk2 phono stages which have won many awards and accolades along the way.

Whether you have an ultra-low output Moving Coil cartridge or a high output Moving Magnet the Dino Mk2 will cope easily. A set of user friendly switches on the base of the unit allows you to simply adjust load and gain settings.

These settings are vital to match the amplifier to the cartridge and obtain the best sonic result. If your current phono stage only has a couple of options for this function, eg a MM/MC switch, then you are missing out on the ability to tune your system to it’s optimum.

An entire upgrade path exists for this product which allows you to improve performance each step of the way.

Two main items are required for operation – the Dino Mk3 phono stage itself and an accompanying power supply.

Start with the basic ac Toroidal Power Supply and work your way up in performance by upgrading to the ‘Dino+’ dc power supply, and ultimately to the ‘Never Connected’ dc power supply. An upgrade from the ‘Dino+’ to the ‘Never Connected’ is also possible by returning your unit to us to upgrade the electronics.

To further enhance the sonic performance of these dc power units an upgrade ‘High Performance Power Lead’ is available to replace the supplied dc power lead.


Standard kommer Dino mk. 3 med egen trafo.undefined

Alternativt kan Dino mk. 3 leveres med Dino + undefined

eller Dino NCPSU (Never Connected Power SUpply) og de kan købes til efterfølgende.

Ligeledes kan Dino + og Dino NCPSU tilkobles med Trichord's HP Interconnect Cable mod merpris. Dette kable giver en garanteret lyd forbedring.

Test: http://www.theaudiophileman.com/#!trichord-dino/c1hj0

Download test fra The Audiophile Man af Dino mk. 3


Dino Mk3 Technical Info & Specifications for the Dino Mk3 Phono Stage

Stereo phono amplifier for Moving coil and Moving magnet cartridges. Fully passive equalisation between two active gain stages.

Switch selectable cartridge resistance loading (DIP 1 and 2)
33 ohms             For Moving Coil cartridges
100 ohms           For Moving Coil cartridges
1,000 ohms        For Moving Coil cartridges
47,000 ohms      For Moving Magnet and some Moving Coil cartridges
Switch selectable capacitance loading (DIP 1 and 2)
100pF        For Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges
1,000pF        For Moving Coil cartridges
Please refer to your cartridge specification for correct loading settings.

Switch selectable gain (DIP 3 and 4)
Cartridge Type        Sensitivity
MC Very Low:        100uV to 250uV (74dB)
MC Low:                250 to 400uV (70dB)
MC Normal:           400uV to 1mV (63dB)
MC High/MM Low:   1 to 3mV (52dB)
MM High:               3 to 5mV (48dB)
RIAA reproduction characteristics
20Hz to 20,000Hz      +/-0.25dB

Output voltage: 0.5V at 1KHz

Power supply requirements
The Dino Mk3 can be powered from either an AC or a DC power supply.

AC requirements: two independent supplies of:         0v / 18v ac,        0v / 18v ac.
DC requirements: two independent supplies of:         0v /-22vdc ,      0v  / +22vdc

To avoid problems only use Trichord power supplies.

Dimensions and Weight
Overall case dimensions for Dino Mk3:    185mm x 58mm x 112mm (D x H x W)
Dino+ PSU:            185mm x 58mm x 112mm (D x H x W)
NCPSU:                  185mm x 58mm x 112mm (D x H x W)
Standard AC PSU:    85mm x 50mm x 85mm (D x H x W)

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kr. 4.800,00