Tri-Planar mk. VII ULTIMATE 2 SE 10"

Tri-Planar mk VII ULTIMATE 2 SE 10"

 Carbon fiber tonearm wand & pure silver tonearm cable

The arm creates a musical sound stage unmatched by any other. It has been described as powerful and dynamic, solid yet expressive, delicate and tactile. The outstanding quality of this arm, commented on time and again, is that it is invisible, lacking the colorations that plague so many of our competitors.


 Black or silver finish
 Damped headshell
 Annealed-aluminum coaxial damped armtube
 Clamping yoke design that firmly couples the headshell tube to the bearing tube, making for a single unit yet allowing azimuth rotation of the headshell
 Silicone-fluid trough tonearm damping
 Bearings featuring hand-crafted, hardened and polished needle cones
 Progressive anti-skating design
 Sophisticated system of decoupled counterweights, allowing proper stylus force for any cartridge without altering effective mass
 Easy 3-screw installation, with no large VTA hole


 Type: gimbal-bearing tonearm
 Effective length: 250mm
 Pivot-to-spindle distance: 233.5mm
 Overhang: 16.5mm
 Offset angle: 22°
 Effective mass: 11g
 Bearing offset: 22°

Pris :
kr. 56.575,00