Pure Sound - Tenuto Gunmetal plademåtte

Pure Sound - Tenuto Gunmetal plademåtte

Plademåtte er så meget sagt, 2,4 kg Gunmetal, a copper alloy that also includes tin & zinc

A replacement for our popular rubato copper mat, the tenuto is precision machined from Gunmetal, a copper alloy that also includes tin & zinc. A revised surface profile means that it now offers an optimal platform for vinyl records. The edge of the label rebate sits 1mm lower than the outer edge of the mat and the rebate itself is less deep than on the rubato mat. Records sit much more snugly to this profile and can be played with or without a clamp.

Diameter is 293 mm, Weighing 2.2 Kg and 5mm thick, the tenuto will require that most suspended subchassis turntable designs are readjusted to provide a level platform. The additional mass does increase the kinetic energy stored by the platter while affording very effective damping of the unwanted resonance that many alloy platters can contribute to the sound of vinyl replay. The Gunmetal also provides a more appropriate impedance match allowing energy imparted into the vinyl by the stylus to be dissipated harmlessly.

The tenuto also makes a fine partner for the platters of powerful, high quality, direct drive turntables and has been shaped to fit the SP10 Mk2 perfectly. Lenco and Garrard users have also enjoyed good results.


Pris :
kr. 3.850,00